Welcome to my world of home cooking.  I published this book as a result of my cooking in my Bistro, food that was homecooked and prepared to highlight taste rather than haute cuisine and fancy foams etc. Cooking that satisfied the soul as well as the stomach. 

My book is not a tome, it is a compact easy to use book. It is not meant to daunt but meant to inspire and enable the home cook to create great dishes for their family and friends. The inclusion of QR codes is an innovative way to show you some handy tips, within a recipe, to create a wonderful dish. I believe that every recipe in my book is easily achievable by everyone. Sure, there are a couple of recipes that have a lot of steps to them, but they are not difficult. The results will impress you and your guests!

I do hope that you all enjoy the recipes that I have included. From time to time I will add more on this website. I also look forward to getting your feedback and suggestions. They’re always welcomed.

Happy cooking. All the best,