The Joys of Cooking & Baking

Cooking should be a joy, not a chore.  My cookbook, Full Circle, will help you create wonderful and impressive dishes. Each recipe is designed to be easy to follow and easy to cook. The end result will be a dish that you can be justifiably proud of. I believe that...

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my world of home cooking.  I published this book as a result of my cooking in my Bistro, food that was homecooked and prepared to highlight taste rather than haute cuisine and fancy foams etc. Cooking that satisfied the soul as well as the stomach.  My book...

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Recipes that are simple, tasty and easy to make.

Trevor Godenzi believes cooking should be an enjoyable experience. The joy of creating meals that ensure friends and family gather around your table to enjoy your efforts, your company, a glass or two of wine and above all enjoy meals that are made with love. Sharing meals that create wonderful memories. Your memories.